Cal-COBRA is a California law that is like Federal COBRA. Cal-COBRA covers workers who are not eligibile for COBRA coverage because the company is too small and is also for people who use up their Federal COBRA.

  • Cal-COBRA covers employers and group health plans that are too small for federal COBRA -- with 2 - 19 employees
  • when your 18 months of Federal COBRA ends, you can buy 18 more months of health insurance under Cal-COBRA but the employer can charge up to 110% instead of 102 % under COBRA.
  • if you qualify for Federal COBRA or Cal-COBRA you cannot be denied coverage because of a medical condition.
  • a disabled worker can receive up to 11 months extension but they can be charged up to 150% of the cost of coverage
  • California provides no coverage for employees or spouses more than 60, unless they were eligible before 2005
  • you have to say that you will buy the coverage within 60 days of when your coverage ended.

The law: California Health and Safety Code Section 1366.20 - .29

              California Insurance Code Section 10128.50 - .59

How the law is enforced: California Department of Insurance (for indemnity policies) and the Department of Managed Health Care (for HMO coverage)