There are no laws that bosses have to give rest or meal breaks in Kansas. You do have to be paid for any break shorter than 30 minutes (this is better than the Federal law, which sometimes lets a meal break of 20 minutes to be unpaid). Workers under 16 years old also have no right to a meal break – but, their boss has to post a notice stating when breaks are (or aren’t).

If you are represented by a union, you may have more rights under your union contract. Read your contract and talk to a shop steward or representative.

What are the laws:
Breaks of less than 30 minutes: Kansas Administrative Regulation 49-30-3(a3)

Minor workers: Kansas Statute Annotated 38-605

Who enforces the laws:

Kansas Department of Labor Employment Standards. To file a complaint, fill out the form in the resource box on this page.